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Please accept our apology but due to an overwhelming demand for our Chicken Coop, and to insure the quality for which we are known, we are temporarily holding production of new orders. Therefore, when ordering, we will not process payment and will notify you of anticipated delivery.

We are committed to building you the best Chicken Coop on earth only matched by our desire for out of this world customer service. We should be fulfilling new orders shortly.

Thanks again!



FrontyardcoopTo start building the coop you've always wanted add the base model to your cart, then add whatever additional features you want!


Base Coop:

Stationary build

Nesting boxes

Excellent protection for your birds

Price $1,650-  
Item selections on this page are for adding to a COOP BUILD- To purchase an item separately please see item specific pages - You must add Base Coop to your cart before selecting items below.
Front Yard CoopFront Yard Coop

Chicken Tractor Package:

Rear wheels

Axles + Dolly with Mount

Price $259-  
Front Yard Coop

Chicken Feeder:

Load it up and just add feed every few days.

Price $130-  
Front Yard Coop

Chicken Waterer:

Supply your chickens with clean water.

Made with stainless steel, holds 5 gallons of water.

Price $119.00  
Front Yard Coop

Preditor electric fence:

Add an extra layer of protection with this electrified barrier around your coop. Yet another defense against wild critters.

**needs power package, see below for selection guidance

Price $449-  
Front Yard Coop

Chicken Coop Automatic Door:

Just set a timer to let your chickens out in the morning and to close them in at night. Customized for our coop. All the components features and functions the same as our "any" coop version here.

**needs power package, see below for selection guidance

Price $210-  
Front Yard Coop

Motorized Front Wheels:

Let your chickens roam free! These motorized wheels push your coop 8ft~ an hour to give your chickens new ground to roam, plus it saves your lawn!

**needs power package, see below for selection guidance

Price $500-  


Electric power supply options:

Front Yard Coop

**1X Power Package:


5 Watt Solar Panel w/12v 8AH-SLA battery


Enough power to run: Lights and Door

Price $178-  

**2X Power Package:


10 Watt Solar Panel, 12v 10AH SLA  battery


Enough power to run: Electric fence and the automatic door


Price $268-  

**3X Power Package:

15 Watt Solar Panel,12v 12AH SLA battery

Enough to run front wheel drive system and and other options we currently offer.

Price $298-  
Front Yard Coop

Poultry Netting:

Keep chickens or other small animals safe from predators

Graduated spacing provides better control at bottom of fence

Double spike step-in posts built into the netting

Price $174-  
Front Yard Coop

Chicken Water Heater:

A custom fit to our water tube. Insulated galvanized steel has 44 watts of heat which is almost instantly transferred through the stainless to the water offering minimal heat loss. In addition, the fact that our tube is only 5"x5" and vertical means that the heat quickly rises up through the tube. 

Price $55-  ON BACKORDER
LED Light Strip


We can add lights to your door that will light up your coop's interior! They are powered right off the door's source. Add a few hours to the short days of winter and your chickens will respond by continuing to lay eggs.


**needs power package, see above for selection guidance

Price $57-  
Paint to order available in any
Benjamin Moore paint color 

Please specify Benjamin Moore Formula # and Color 

Click here to view benjamin moore site

Price $85-  
You're all set!
PLEASE NOTE:  Delivery time 4-6 weeks . Delivery is available locally from Katonah, NY 10536 at the rate of $1.75 per mile round trip.  For national delivery with common carrier call us for a rate quote at 914-245-0321.  All purchases subject to NY State sales tax