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The Front Yard Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Thank you for visiting Front Yard Coop.

Please accept our apology but due to an overwhelming demand for our Automatic Chicken Coop Door, and to ensure the quality for which we are known, we are temporarily holding production of new orders. Therefore, when ordering, we will not process payment and will notify you of anticipated delivery. We are committed to building you the best Chicken Coop Door on earth only matched by our desire for out of this world customer service. We should be fulfilling new orders shortly.

Thanks again!


Why our Automatic Door?
These doors, like all our products, are both aesthetically and functionally well designed for you and your chickens. Simple to install - these are made to last! Designed for the ultimate in reliability and peace of mind they do not depend on a door being raised and lowered by a string, triggered by a bunch of externally mounted, sure to fail, switches. Our door features a unique linear actuator (an extending solid shaft) that is controlled by a circuit board and an astronomic timer. This timer is self-setting with regard to the time, and if you choose sunset and sunrise to close/ open your door it automatically adjusts each day to keep those settings accurate. The door, while closing, applies just less than 5 pounds of pressure. I have held my hand under the door and closed it on it and it does not hurt, or cause ANY damage. Your birds are safe from severing! Also worth noting is the fact that our door can be installed at any angle, so if you have a listing coop, no worries.

About our Automatic Poultry Door

Overall size is 13 3/4” x 42” - Door opening is 11 3/4” x 17” - manufactured from 26 gauge, spot welded, galvanized steel frame and 1/8th" aluminum door.  - We supply detailed installation instructions, fits easily between standard stud spacing. - Preset at factory for either 12v solar or 120 outlet electric.



110 Volt (Home Outlet)

This door is made to plug into any standard household outlet. From a power standpoint all you need to do is plug it in. This option is especially convenient for any stationary setting, your animals can stay safe at night and go out freely again in the morning if you aren't home. This door is equally suitable for small dogs and cats when installed in your home or garage.

110 Volt (Home Outlet) - $250.00

Coop Automatic Door


12 Volt Solar Powered

Our solar powered chicken coop door closer is the perfect model for chicken tractors. You have the freedom and convenience of our plugin model using only the power of the sun. Doors open and close on a time with no electricity needed. This door comes complete with a 12 volt battery and solar panel. This door can be used on movable coops far away from any building as well as on a farm or traditional coop. If you don't have power at the location of your coop this is the option for you. You wont find a better deal than this!

12 Volt Solar Powered - $322.00


Sun and Shade Option

The power combo package is the best of both worlds. This door comes with your 110V household outlet option and the 12V solar equipment. Be prepared for all situations with the Sun and Shade combo pack!

Sun and Shade Option - $350.00






light strip


We can add lights to your door that will light up your coop's interior! They are powered right off the door's source. Add a few hours to the short days of winter and your chickens will respond by continuing to lay eggs.

LIGHTING - $57.00


Download the Manual

Click above to download the Automatic Door Manual

"I have purchased several products from Front Yard Coop and I am very pleased with the prompt shipping, the quality of the products and most of all, the integrity of the company. I ordered a solar coop door and the shipping company severely damaged the door. I contacted Front Yard Coop by e-mail and another coop door was promptly shipped, utilizing USPS and it arrived with no damage. The door was easy to install and the clock is a fabulous feature in that it automatically adjusts the opening and closing times as the days get longer or shorter. I have mine set to open 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes after sunset. I recently installed the 5 gallon water dispenser. It is made from quality stainless steel. I have posed questions by e-mail and on the phone and found Front Yard Coop to be a very knowledgeable source on a wide variety of issues." Jeff Lester Amarillo, TX